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Armored Claw Shield Flex ™ Cut Hot Weather tactical gloves - olive

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Armored Claw Shield Flex ™ Cut Hot Weather tactical glovesArmored Claw  gloves  will be an excellent choice and will be perfect for any situation that

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Armored Claw Shield Flex ™ Cut Hot Weather tactical gloves

Armored Claw  gloves  will be an excellent choice and will be perfect for any situation that requires hand protection. Both in battle and when performing daily work. Also for those users for whom this fight is a daily job, because the Armored Claw series of gloves   has been designed also for officers of uniformed services, not only airsoft officers. 

 Only the best quality, proven materials for years have been used to sew Armored Claw gloves  , guaranteeing their reliability and durability. These include original DuPont ® Kevlar ® and  Nomex ®  fibers as well as Keprotec ® protective material  developed by  Schoeller Switzerland ®. Comfort, breathability and easy adjustment to the user's hand were achieved thanks to the use of Spandex ,  neoprene , natural and artificial leather.

The Hot Weather series is a great choice for sunny and hot days. Special ventilation perforations and used materials prevent hand perspiration even in the most dynamic situations. In this series, additional lining was abandoned, while maintaining the same thickness and strength of the outer material. Therefore, we will not make any compromises here - gloves will still perfectly protect the user's hands.    

The Armored Claw line   includes a range of gloves with varying degrees of protection. All this so that each user can choose a model according to his needs: non-flammable gloves, cut resistant, specially reinforced to protect against bumps and any injuries.

Shield Flex ™  is a completely new model in the Armored Claw family of gloves. The well-known and liked cut has been enriched with several interesting solutions to improve protection and comfort of use. Soft protectors are placed on the knuckles, shock absorbing and protecting against impacts. The most interesting solution used in gloves, however, is a rigid TPU protector on the upper part. It is made of extremely durable plastic  covered with foam for better cushioning. As the insert may be unnecessary in some activities that users may encounter, the manufacturer decided to implement an extremely useful function that is the ability to remove the protector    . So if we decide that it is unnecessary in a given situation, it is enough to remove it from the special Velcro compartment.

The outer layer of Shield Flex gloves is   made of  spandex  - a material characterized by high elasticity and resistance to permanent stretching. The elastic lower part of the glove will make it easier to adjust to the wrist, from the outside there is a convenient Velcro fastener for adjusting the circumference and a mounting loop to help touch the gloves.