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Bollé TRACKER Smoke protective glasses

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    Bollé TRACKER Smoke protective glassesThe eye protection meets the requirements of the 89/686 / CEE European Directive regarding the personal

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Artikelnummer: BOL-41-004333
Leverantör: Bollé

    Bollé TRACKER Smoke protective glasses

The eye protection meets the requirements of the 89/686 / CEE European Directive regarding the personal protection equipment and is made according to the requirements of the EN 166: 2001 norm. The Bollé Safety has become a synonym of quality and is regarded with international recognition of its sports and protective glasses. The glasses were described with the B hardness factor and the T thermal protection factor and the surface of its protective lenses was covered with an agent preventing them from fogging and a special surface securing the lenses from scratches.

 Anti-fog -  the anti-fog layer allows to operate in optimal conditions by removing the effects of condensation which is present whenever the temperature differences are high or during the wear of non-vented frames.

 Anti-scratch -  improves the lenses' durability and reduced the number of scratches. It extends the lifespan and improves the comfort or the user preventing it from scratching which can negatively influence the vision.

 The highest comfort of use is ensured by the ergonomic frames which have a modern construction and the elastic safety band which is included in the set and which allows to secure the glasses on the head and, therefore, convert it to a kind of small goggles. The soft case which is included with the set can also serve as a cloth for cleaning the glasses.

   The set includes:

- the glasses,
- a safety cord,
- a soft case,


The above product is of the highest quality and has undergone strength tests appropriate for its resistance class. The manufacturer guarantees resistance to impacts of solids within the scope of the resistance class or obtained certificates. Nevertheless, in the event of insufficient matching of the goods, the use of this protection does not exclude bodily injuries, for example by the ball falling under the protective glass as a result of a ricochet. Therefore, before use, it is recommended to adjust the eye protection to the individual needs of the user. The protective properties of the product may also be changed due to improper use and maintenance of the above product, e.g. by cleaning the lenses with unsuitable preparations. The seller is not responsible for any personal injury resulting from improper fit and use of the above product.