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Bollé Tracker Clear glasses

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     Bolle Tracker Clear glassesThe Tracker glasses were equipped with a anti-fog and ant-scratch layers, reinforced lenses that have the F therm

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Artikelnummer: BOL-41-000876
Leverantör: Bollé

     Bolle Tracker Clear glasses

The Tracker glasses were equipped with a anti-fog and ant-scratch layers, reinforced lenses that have the F thermal resistance and the F hardness ( sudden flame impact protection up to the temperature of 420 degrees Celsius ). Perfectly profiled they fit the face very tight thanks to the flexible foam finish. This makes them a perfect eye protection measure to protect the eyes from direct injuries and from those resulting from ricochets or shrapnel.

The glasses are equipped with a ventilation system and the elastic temples guarantee a high comfort of use. Besides the glasses the set includes a  soft microfiber case and a band that can be mounted to the temples in order to prevent the loss of the glasses or their slipping even during sudden moves. 

    Safety and durability 

The glasses have a very high F value of  the lens’ hardness factor as for the airsoft conditions. It expresses the mechanical durability of the material. In this case we are handling with the low energy hit resistance. The lenses are to withstand an impact of a 6mm 0,86g steel BB pellet that moves with the velocity of 45 m/s. When recounted – this result in the kinetic energy of 0,87 J.

    Optical class

The lens’ optical class is determined on the basis of its optical parameters. The means of eye and face protection are divided into three classes. The 1st optical class lenses are designed to be constantly used ( so these glasses can be also used as sunglasses or every day use protective glasses ) while as the 3rd optical class glasses are designed to be used for a short period of time.

    What is the EN166?

The EN166 standard applies for all types of individual eye protection used to protect from all types of dangers that can be met in industries, laboratories, in school buildings, in the do it yourself field and so on where you can hurt your eye or distort the vision – this excludes the nuclear type radiation, X rays, laser emissions and the infrared radiation (IR) that is emitted by low-temperature sources. The specifications of this standard do not apply to the eye protection when other complete standards exists – such as the eye protection against lasers.