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100 skotts Mid-cap magasin till M4/M16 Specna arms

  • 105 kr
  • 84 kr

Magasin kapasitet100Magasine typMid-Cap magasinPassarM4/M16Tillverkad avMetallFärgSvartWarning!  The magazines have been pre-lubricated with silicone

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Artikelnummer: SPE-05-005263
Leverantör: Specna arms
Magasin kapasitet100
Magasine typMid-Cap magasin
Tillverkad avMetall

Warning!  The magazines have been pre-lubricated with silicone grease. We recommend adjusting the amount of grease to your personal preferences before using the magazine for the first time.

Remember! To maintain trouble-free and trouble-free operation of mid-cap magazines, there are a few simple rules to follow:

1. When using new magazines for the first time, do not immediately fill them.
2. First lubricate the magazine with a small amount of silicone oil, then:
- Load the magazine with 10 balls, then release the lock and remove them all.
- Load the magazine with 20 balls, then release the lock and remove them all.
- Repeat this process, gradually increasing the number of BBs until the full capacity of the magazine is reached. And then repeat the whole process a few more times.
3. It's also good to remember about regular regular maintenance with silicone oil.
4. Note - when the magazines are unused, they must not be left charged!  This leads to faster wear of the spring and the entire magazine.