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EMG Seekins Precision AR15 SBR8 SP223

  • 4 995 kr

AR15 SBR8 SP223 Assault Rifle ReplicaThe replica was manufactured by EMG in cooperation with G&G. Thanks to a license by Seekins Precision, a firearms manuf

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Artikelnummer: GIG-01-025126
Leverantör: Specna arms

AR15 SBR8 SP223 Assault Rifle Replica

The replica was manufactured by EMG in cooperation with G&G. Thanks to a license by Seekins Precision, a firearms manufacturer, we can enjoy parts like the following: a fire mode selector, a magazine release button, a trigger guard, a RIS handguard in KEYMOD system and complete manufacturer markings on the body. 

The replica’s appearance was carefully imitated according to licensed parts for the live firearm original. The enlarged charging handle or the enlarged trigger guard allow for easier operation of the replica. In addition, for the increased User comfort, manipulator buttons were double and appear on both sides of the replica. The external barrel has a right-handed, 14 mm thread which boasts a custom flash hider

The replica was made mainly of high-quality aluminum alloy, namely - the entire receiver, external barrel, stock slide, etc.  The stock and pistol grip were made of durable polymer. The replica features a telescopic SF stock with 5 position settings - it can be adjusted in length, which allows adapting the replica to the body type and preferences of the User. The battery is stored inside the stock slide.

Thanks to the top RIS 22 mm mounting rail and KeyMod accessory rails it is possible to attach a wide array of additional accessories such as optical sights, lighting or tactical grips. 

The replica stands out from other replicas in terms of the internal parts used as well as the quality of the exterior craftsmanship. The replica features two electronic systems: MOSFET system located in the stock slide and a G2 ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) system. Both systems extend the lifetime of the replica and improve its parameters like the trigger reaction time and the rate of fire.

The replica is equipped with a novelty from G&G - Gearbox G2 which is characteristic for:

- reinforced construction
- quick spring change system
- double-sealed parts of the pneumatic system
- specially-designed gears for better efficiency

The MOSFET system enables the programming of 3-5 round bursts, informs about low battery charge and a damaged gearbox. 

The ETU system implemented in the replica together with dedicated magazines cuts off the power after the last BB has been fired.  

The replica comes with a steel magazine with a capacity of up to 120 BBs.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:
- replica
- magazine
- cleaning rod
- User’s manual