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LiPo 7.4V 1200mAh 15 / 30C Batteri - Butterfly Configuration

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LiPo 7.4V 1200mAh 15 / 30C battery - 2 modularSpecna Arms  , meeting the expectations of customers, provides the market with a wide range of efficient LiPo

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Artikelnummer: SPE-06-022012

LiPo 7.4V 1200mAh 15 / 30C battery - 2 modular

Specna Arms  , meeting the expectations of customers, provides the market with a wide range of efficient LiPo batteries that meet the needs of each user - whether you are looking for a battery for the glove box, cradle or a dummy laser sight - you will find much more in the offer that allows you to play even longer. 

Lithium-ion-polymer ( LiPo ) packets are the successors of known lithium-ion ( LiIon ) packets . The main advantage of LiPo batteries is undoubtedly the capacity to size ratio. They are very small in size while maintaining very high current efficiency, which allows you to choose the right package for virtually every AEG replica. They have no memory effect. They can be charged very often, without prior discharge. Frequent charging is beneficial for this type of battery.    

Remember that the LiPo packet should not be discharged  below 3V per cell  and not reloaded  above 4.2V per cell . Another advantage of LiPo packages is the low percentage of self-discharge. An unused package loses around 3-5% of energy per month. Take care of the packet, because during very long storage it may discharge below the minimum value (3V per cell) and irreversible chemical reactions that can cause deterioration of the packet's properties including its permanent damage, in extreme cases - ignition. An unused LiPo pack should be approximately 70% charged on average.

With proper operation, the service life of LiPo packages is on average 500-700 cycles. An important aspect is the temperature at which LiPo packages can work. Unlike other batteries, LiPo cells do well at low temperatures. Instead, they should be charged at room temperature. To maintain good condition of LiPo batteries, they should be balanced during charging by means of a service plug, which has most LiPo packages (a good LiPo charger has a built-in balancer).

Battery Capacity [mAh]:1200
Battery Voltage [V]:7,4
Plug Type:Tamiya mini
Battery size [mm]:(105x18x6mm) x2
Number of Cells:2
Battery Weight [g]:60

How to use Li-Po batteries 

How to use Li-Po batteries
1) Any interference in the structure of the Li-Po battery can damage it. Thereby
may be its inflammation.
2) If the + and - terminals of the battery are short-circuited, it can be permanently damaged or even
3) Li-Po battery should not be heated or exposed to very low temperatures.
4) Do not throw the Li-Po battery into the liquid.
5) Li-Po batteries are sensitive to mechanical damage. Such damage can contribute to
its permanent damage, and thus - ignition.
6) The Li-Po battery should be connected to the charger in accordance with the markings. Red (+) belongs
connect to red (positive port) on the charger. Black (-) should be connected to
black (negative port) in the charger.
7) Li-Po batteries should not be charged above 4.2V per cell. Other charger settings
may irreversibly damage the battery.
8) Charging the Li-Po battery should be under constant supervision (even for chargers)
high-quality ). The substrate should be non-flammable, non-conductive material.
9) When charging Li-Po batteries, use an appropriate battery suitable for charging
Li-Po charger. Using the wrong charger can result in permanent damage to the battery.
10) Discharging the battery below 3V per cell may result in its damage.
11) Incorrect use of the battery may cause permanent damage. Maybe this
result in its ignition.
12) If the electrolyte in the Li-Po battery comes in contact with eyes or skin, contact immediately
flush these areas with plenty of water and contact your nearest doctor.
13) When charging the Li-Po battery is finished, disconnect it immediately from the charger.
14) When you notice any changes to the Li-Po battery (including color, swelling, too large)
temperature), stop using the Li-Po battery.
15) The battery should be used so that unauthorized persons cannot access it.
16) Use extreme caution when connecting a Li-Po battery. Any short circuit can
cause the battery to ignite and, in extreme situations, to explode.
17) Li-Po batteries that are mechanically damaged, overcharged or excessively discharged are not suitable for
18) To maintain good condition of Li-Po batteries, they should be balanced during charging (good
Li-Po charger has a built-in balancer)
The seller and the manufacturer are not responsible for any damage caused as a result
improper handling of the Li-Po battery.